How to Create Engaging Course Content

At Siyot our aim is for Instructors to always create engaging content for their students. The guide will give you an inside into starting that journey

At the very core, the course content needs to deliver on any promises. For example, if your course is about teaching people search engine optimization techniques then when your learners apply the content they should see measurable results.

That’s goal number one. Without good content your course is nothing.

But a very close second is the way the content is delivered.

Good content becomes great content when you deliver it in a way that is engaging and entertaining.

There are a variety of techniques you can use to make your course content “come to life”.

One way is through storytelling. Creating characters and immersing the learner as part of the story. The folks at The Great e-course Adventure do this with incredible success.

Storytelling is a perfect way to take seemingly boring content and give it a creative spin. If you have a continuing education program for accountants then creating a story around your CEU program is a great way to differentiate your course from the others.

Take your time and evaluate the needs of your learners. Start small with the simple techniques and build-up as you see fit.