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What is Moodle?

Moodle LMS is the most widely used open-source learning platform, supporting more than 360 million learners worldwide. Originally designed for the education sector, it’s now in use by a diverse range of organisations including businesses, training providers, membership organisations and public-sector, non-profit and charity bodies.

custom design

Custom design

Moodle themes allow you to customise both the aesthetic of the platform, to ensure brand consistency, as well as the layout of key areas such as the user dashboard, course pages and reports, ensuring that learners, managers and administrators can navigate to and access the resources or data they need within as few clicks as possible.

moodle content delivery network

Moodle as a Service


MS IT Solutions has experience in consulting, designing, implementing and managing streaming, dynamic and static web properties, deploying Amazon CloudFront, AWS Web Application Firewall, Amazon Route 53 and AWS Lambda@Edge. 

moodle as a service

What are the benefits of Moodle as a Service

Moodle as a Service

Moodle learning solutions with future software upgrades included as standard

Cost effective

In-house e-learning expertise to tackle all your queries


Scale on demand

Available at scale when you need it, streamlining IT operations.

Maximize productivity

Maximize remote worker productivity with reliable, high-performance, globally distributed infrastructure.



MS IT Solutions is well-positioned to deliver a range of user, manager or admin training sessions. 

e-Learning content

No LMS is complete without a comprehensive selection of engaging and inspiring learning content. If you can’t find the resources or packages you need off the shelf and don’t have time to develop your own content in-house, you can commission MS IT Solutions and partners.

Moodle as a Service FAQs

Who uses Moodle LMS?

Introducing MS IT Solutions: Your Trusted Cloud Solution Provider. Experience hassle-free, highly secure Moodle hosting with our team of experts. Whether you’re an educational institution, business, nonprofit, or training provider, our scalable hosting solutions provide enhanced security, reliability, and data protection. Maximize productivity with our globally distributed infrastructure and streamline IT operations with on-demand scalability. Contact our Moodle experts today and unlock the full potential of Moodle LMS for exceptional online learning experiences. MS IT Solutions: Empowering your cloud journey.

What is Moodle LMS used for?
MS IT Solutions understands the value of Moodle LMS in bridging the gap between home and school/college-based learning for students. Originally developed for educational institutions, Moodle has gained recognition in the workplace, with organizations and businesses acknowledging its potential to deliver effective work-based training.
Is Moodle LMS good for large companies?
Yes, Moodle LMS is an incredibly scalable and adaptable solution, making it the perfect choice for large companies seeking to implement their own tailored learning and development platform. Renowned organizations such as Walmart, Microsoft, Shell, Coca-Cola, Mazda, the UK NHS, various US government departments, and many more have successfully deployed Moodle.

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