Online ELearning Platform

No matter the industry, our LMS offers the best training solution

Our Online e learning platform enables administrator to break-up courses into lessons. topics, quizzes and categories

Drip-feed your lesson content according to schedule

Successfully following your training programs can be recognized by the award of a certificate confirming passing the appropriate exams

With our online elearning platform you can create certificates in your own image – and automatically. All our certificates carry a unique identification number which enables anyone to check with us that the certificate is genuine.

Sell your courses via PayPal or Stripe. Offer global discounts or coupons. Sell individual courses or offer them via a subscription payment.

Track user progress and quiz results with ease.

Insert videos, Articulate & Adobe Captivate files, images, audio, Google Docs and more.

Integrate with over 200 services through Zapier. Native integrations with Shopify, Salesforce and GoToMeeting.

Benefits of our LMS

Scalable based on your needs

  • Monitor everything that matters from your dashboards.
  • Our online elearning platform works with more than 200 systems from Salesforce and Shopify to Mailchimp and Zendesk.
  • Create entirely separate courses, lesson, topics, quizzes, as needed.

Customise to the max

  • Our online elearning platform lets you add your own company branding
  • Send custom email notifications with the exact tone-of-voice you worked so hard to build and for the events you care about.
  • Use your own domain name

Price Plans

12-month commitment
12-month commitment
12-month commitment
201 - 10000 USERS
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