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Just Rota - Online Staff Rota & Payroll Software

Employee Availability

Staff members can easily request time off through Just Rota. Once the manager has approved, the system won’t allow you to schedule an employee who will be away.

Employees can also say which days and shifts they’re available to work regularly, so you don’t have to waste time editing the schedule over and over again.


From the Schedule section of Just Rota, you can create, publish, and edit your staff schedule. Once you publish a schedule, employees can see it immediately online. If you need to edit the calendar, employees will see the changes as soon as you publish them.

Clock in & Out

Just Rota gives your employees the ability to track their time by clocking in and out.  Here is how this works:


Generate a payroll report that accounts for regular hours, overtime, and paid time off.  It also adds in mileage and expenses, and subtracts deductions.


Manage as many workers, jobs, and locations as you need. Bulk create and edit repeating shifts. View many useful reports.


Works for large or small companies or volunteer organizations, remote or onsite work. Create a fixed schedule, or let staff take and drop shifts.

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Benefits Online Staff Rota

Intelligent and automated scheduling

Create reliable and intelligent staff rota that are optimised to match your business practices.

  • Save money and free up time with optimised and web based scheduling
  • Reduce the risk of incorrect schedules
  • Quickly find replacements and easily manage leave applications

Quick overview of all worked hours

  • Quickly manage absence reports and vacations
  • Automatic calculation of pay types from scheduled and worked hours
  • Generation of salary files to a great number of salary systems

Easy follow-up

With a mix of full-time, part-time and extra staff it is often difficult to coordinate operational resources.

  • Quickly and easily communicate with staff
  • Communicate in the forum, send surveys and share documents
  • Create news posts on global, regional or staff category level

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