Create, manage and search your client records in one secure location safe in the knowledge that your data is being backed up every hour. Including:

  • Each patient record is organised using a simple tabbed interface
  • Easily group clients using tags
  • View an “infinite” timeline of activities that you have undertaken with the client
  • Manage individual SMS & Email communication consent
  • Generate invoice for patients
  • Print off invoices for patients
  • Log payment instalments
  • Calculate and record staff pay
  • Staff have access to their payroll records
  • Book appointments for patients
  • Assign doctor to a patient
  • Patients can book request appointments online ( with doctors approval)
  • Add, new medication and categories
  • Manage medication stock levels
  • Generate invoices for medication sold

Currently support 10 different languages

Access for 8 types of user account by default

Manage medical reports such as operation, birth or death reports.

Patients get notified via sms after appointment approval.

Regular updates are available to download for free.