Show Learners that You Care

As a Siyot Instructor, show your learners that you care

While it isn’t foolproof by any means, simply showing learners that you care about their progress and application of course content is a great way to keep people involved in your courses.

This can mean a few different things.

  • You can use forums to interact.
  • You can provide feedback on submitted assignments.
  • You can set-up coaching calls or weekly webinars.
  • You can arrange for one-on-one sessions.

You will notice that each one of these methods brings the “human” element to your online courses. It brings the content to life. When people feel cared for then they will care more about the course content.

Any of the strategies above are possible with LearnDash. You don’t need to do them all – just choose one to begin and measure the impact it has on your program. If you haven’t launched yet then you should think about which one of these would be best for your audience.

If you sell courses then you will do better-selling community rather than a course. Some of the most successful course programs I know emphasize the community aspect of the course content.